Investing in and for building a home is no child’s play, and we understand that a lot of things are taken into consideration. We understand that it is more than just technicalities and it is about emotionally connecting to your personal space. We don’t want to leave any stone unturned and we’re here to clear your doubts that might arise in the process.

We’ve had customers and clients come back to us with these common questions, and so we’ve answered them for you beforehand.

The floor area ratio (FAR) or floor space ratio (FSR) is the ratio of the total plot area to the total built up area which is determined by the size of the plot and width of the road in front of the plot, denoting the maximum building space that can be constructed on a given piece of plot. FAR or FSR is fixed by respective government authorities (BDA, BBMP)
Eg: Plot Size = 1200sft, if FAR is 1.75 then allowed buildable area will be 2100 sq ft

URBANEST supports clients in the entire process of approvals, indirectly with the guidance of a designated team of experts and associates.

Originally compound wall is not included in any of our Turnkey Construction Packages, because compound walls are not preferred by most clients and in some cases compound walls are not required to be built on all four sides. However, we add the compound wall construction if required by the respective client.

Construction timelines depend on factors like Design Intensity, Built Up Area etc.. However, for understanding purposes of a construction of G+1 floor, the construction timeline would be 6 months plus 2-3 months for interior works. We provide a detailed Project Schedule for each project.

Interiors are not a part of any standard package and are considered separately. We offer a variety of options, based on the client's choice of design, requirements and materials, executed as a part of our Turnkey Construction Service. We do have an inhouse interiors team who provides interior design services to our clients.

Every project is supervised by Civil Engineers who are trained to implement the Construction Checklists and processes at every stage. Each project is monitored by a central team of Architects, Sr Engineers and Project Managers to ensure the quality of work. We also provide quality test certificates for materials used during construction.

URBANEST does not outsource the entire work to any independent contractors; every project is Designed, Planned, Executed by our own team of Professionals with the support of various trusted vendors and partners. URBANEST stands fully responsible for the entire scope of the project including interiors till we hand them over.

YES.. with URBANEST the packages are customizable entirely based on the client's choice of materials and design, to cater to their requirements and likes.