Pitfalls of Labour Contracts

Labour Contract refers to a legal arrangement wherein the client appoints an individual (Labour Contractor) to carry out the process of construction at the site premises whereas, the client independently undertakes or further appoints another party/parties to deliver/ supply materials required in/ during the process/ period of construction.

The Labour contractor in most cases commonly observed may or may not have a technically qualified background and further more in most cases as observed may not have a professional structure and commitment to deliver a project. His interest lies in the business of construction. Therefore, always looking to maximize his profits and minimizing his responsibilities. Commonly observed patterns are to blame the quality of materials or external factors to cover up their shoddy work.

Since, the labour contractor’s agreement with the client is limited to his physical work done in lieu of financial reimbursement from the client, “security, consumption and optimization of materials” does not fall under his scope of work, for which the clients incurs heavy expenses and in a project worth 50lakhs, this amount can be up to 4-5 lakhs.

Additionally,pilferage and theft of materials further add to the expenses borne by the client.

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